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Q & A
Home Organisation & Decluttering

 I am worried you'll judge my home..

Please don’t worry; I’m here to help not judge, I completely understand the apprehension to opening up but I offer a friendly and supportive service that will put you at ease, I will not make you get rid of anything you don’t want to; I’ll just help you to understand what items no longer bring benefit to your life or serves a purpose and so can be repurposed, donated or recycled.

I have undertaken courses which specialise in understanding Mental Health as well as standalone courses about ADHD 

I also have my own personal experience of living within a neurodiverse household and therefore understand the challenges it can bring 

Which areas do you cover?

Bristol, Bath & South Gloucestershire 

I am based in South Gloucestershire (BS37 ) and will travel up to a 5 miles radius with no travel costs 

I am happy to travel outside of the radius but a mileage charge of £2 per mile will be chargeable 

Why do I need a professional?

Many people struggle with their homes for a variety of reasons; lack of time, motivation, mental health, mobility...

Therefore having someone whose expertise lie in that area take control and manage the whole process guarantees the desired end results are achieved and ensures its carried out quickly, stress free and more importantly leaves you with a manageable system that not only lasts but also works for you as everyone has different needs.

How long will it take?

Is it worth the investment?

Living in a clutter free streamlined environment will revolutionise the way you live!

I also offer services which look at your current layout and functionality as well as exploring innovative ways to optimise your current space efficiency - lets face it, we all need more space!

By making these changes to your home and making it work better for you, in turn you will be able to focus on the things that really matter;

unburdened by chaotic surroundings and adopting a new systematic approach you will feel less stressed, more productive , sleep better and be able to tackle life with a new positve mindset

Look at it as an investment into your self care and mental wellbeing as well as your home. 

Do I need to be present?

I always begin by arranging a free no obligation Discovery Call to discuss your project.

Following this we would arrange a consultation at your property to enable me to see the scope of the project, take photos and measurements so I can provide you with a tailored quote.

Sessions are offered in 3, 6 & 12 hour packages

To give you an idea of a timescale an average sized kitchen declutter & organise can be achieved in 6 hours

*This can vary as each project is unique*

If you require a declutter as part of your package then yes;

This stage of the process would require you to be present to help make the decisions, however once that is complete you are free to continue your day and await the end result !

Will you make me get rid of things I don't want to let go of?

What happens to the items we 'edit' out?

Certainly not; I will help guide you through the decision making process and ask you to look at your items from a difference perspective such as;

"Does it serve a purpose"

"When did you last use / wear it"

"Does it spark joy"

I'll support you and prevent the common 'decision fatigue' and ensure the process is completed.

Categories will be created so that items can be assigned


I appreciate that many put off decluttering due to the overwhelming feeling of having to process the items for donation / recycle 

I can arrange for the disposal of items, for donations to be collected and even assist you in listing items to be sold

*Additional charges apply*

Do I need to buy storage?

This will be discussed and agreed at the planning stage.

If you already have storage products I am happy to evaluate them to see if they can be utilised.

An integral part of the organisation process is choosing and implementing the best storage solutions that will optimise the space and improve storage efficiency alongside introducing new layouts and zoning to improve functionality. 

I will source storage products and add to the project invoice after agreeing an initial budget

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