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Organised home bristol

Absolutely fantastic service from start to finish! Our 6-year old daughter always struggled to go and play with her dolls & toys because they were either not visible or because it took her too much effort to dig out the ones she really wanted to play with at the time, not to mention trying to find all their accessories.

When I came across The Home Edit Bristol I got so excited at the thought of someone being able to help me come up with creative ways to organise her toys. And that’s exactly what Gemma did! After sending her videos of our daughter’s room and where all her toys were being kept, Gemma came up with a plan to help. The results were awesome and yet so simple! She had come up with really clever ways of maximising the space underneath our daughter’s mid-sleeper bed and in and around the wardrobe and cupboards, and she also kept the storage in keeping with the style and decor of her bedroom.

We love what Gemma’s done, especially our little girl! Her favourite area is the doll holder inside her cupboard! Plus the hanging baskets under her bed 🎀👏🏽 Needless to say, our girl has been in her room a lot since the tidy up, playing with her dolls and reading books that she’d forgotten she had 📚

Massive thank you to Gemma at The Home Edit Bristol for everything - you are amazing! 

- Charlotte 

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