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ADHD and Home Organisation

ADHD can effect the executive function of the brain;

Executive function is a role that is performed by the frontal lobe area of the brain. It is responsible for lots of different things that help you with your behaviour and day-to-day tasks. It’s like the brain’s self-management system.

Some of the main executive functions include:

* Time management

* Organisational skills

* Multitasking

* Working memory and remembering things

* Planning

* Prioritising tasks

* Paying attention

Working memory is a part of our short-term memory that allows us to retain recent information for ongoing tasks.

Impaired working memory can have a negative effect on organisational skills, making it difficult to plan and follow through on actions toward a specific goal.

People with ADHD can therefore find it challenging to get organised and stay organised.

Living within a neurotypical environment myself I have practical first hand experience which has lead me to want to gain a more in-depth understanding about ADHD and so I have undertaken qualifications to enable me to support my clients in the best way I can.

My Top Tips for ADHD Home Organising;

ADHD organisation is about focusing on practicality and functionality and NOT making things look nice!

The term ‘Out of sight out of mind’ is very true on this instance! - visual cues prompt you so I always devise a way to store things in clear containers so my clients can actually see what’s in them. I also add labels so that it's easy to identify where things belong so that you can put them back therefore maintaining the system.

Give everything a home but in a place that works for you - if keeping your keys near the door works then don’t change it just utilise the space better and instead of dumping them on the table in the hallway next to the door, hang them on a hook in the hallway instead!

Once I’ve created a system for my clients I encourage them to schedule their ‘organising’ tasks for the same time every day. Before long, your muscle memory will take over and your organising will be on autopilot = Routine set

If you are struggling to create systems that work in your home then get in touch to find out how I can help you

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