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The psychological benefits of Decluttering & Home Organisation

Updated: Jan 18

Many misconceive Home Organising and declutterring to be just a physical process of removing unwanted belongings and making your house look pretty; think again..

Programs like Sort your Life with Stacey Solomon and the American makeover show The Home Edit has sparked a lot of interest around the subject in the past few years.

The shows can perhaps glamourise the process and therefore make it appear on the surface quite a superficial process but the deeper issues and indeed the psychological benefits aren’t really addressed and that’s to its detriment.

So many people I have spoken to personally simply think it’s all about making the home look aesthetically pleasing; decanting dried food into glass jars and labelling them with cute labels, the fundamentals are sadly overlooked;

The psychological benefits behind declutter are life changing and can include;

Better focus - Put simply clutter can distract you so getting rid of visual clutter will make it easier to concentrate

Higher self-esteem - When you have trouble staying organised, you may feel out of control. Improving your living space can restore feelings of competency and pride.

When people go through the process of decluttering, they feel a sense of freedom and liberation.

Reduced stress levels - when our living environments feel ‘full’ that can increase levels of the stress hormone cortisol

Improved productivity - A less cluttered environment and an organised way of living will make it easier to locate exactly what you are looking for,

Improved mental health - studies show a correlation between disorganisation, clutter, and mental health conditions.

Messy environments can cause frustration, helplessness, and feelings of overwhelm.

I’ve worked with so many clients who tell me that immediately after a session with me they feel brighter, more positive and that a weight has been lifted off their shoulders…

Don’t underestimate the power of the process and invest in your well-being and self care.

If you are looking to begin your self help journey then reach out to The Home Edit Bristol to support you

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